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National Energy Globe Award Austria (overall winner)
National Energy Globe Award Austria (Fire)
Regional Energy Globe Award Steiermark (Austria) (overall winner)

Submitted by: Gerald Zotter & IKUS Technologie GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: CRYO-P Storage

According to experts, a massive expansion in terms of using regenerative energy, especially wind and solar energy, for generating electrical power will be needed in the long and short run in order to guarantee a global, sustainable availability of power and to protect the environment. As wind energy has a definite fluctuating profile, it will be necessary to use storage technology to successfully integrate regenerative energy into public supply networks.
CRYO-P Storage is an indirect cryogenic power storage system where liquid nitrogen (LN2) is used as an intermediate buffer medium. The surplus electricity from wind power stations during off-peak times is used for powering an air separation unit that produces LN2. The liquid gas is then stored in atmospheric tanks. When electricity is needed, the cryogenic liquid nitrogen is expanded in a turbine through free ambient heat.
The big advantage of this technology is that no toxic or flammable materials are used – only air. No dangers or hazards are involved in using this system.

“Let’s use air!“

Gerald Zotter

Category: Fire