National Energy Globe Award Mauritius (overall winner)

Submitted by: AMORIS Environment Ltd
Implemented country: Mauritius
Title: School Children Art Messengers for Mauritius

At the beginning of 2010, AMORIS Environment Ltd. was founded in cooperation with Mauritanian authorities and was named after Amauris Phoedon – a rare butterfly species from the island of Mauritius. The objective was to further the economic development in Mauritius on behalf of the local population. The company’s activities are focused on optimizing energy consumption, maintenance costs and waste disposal. Their services are geared towards businesses, communities, and anyone else interested in saving energy or using renewable energies and optimizing maintenance costs. Their motto is „Improve your image and your customers‘ comfort“, and AMORIS Environment Ltd. offers complete service packages for exactly that.
Their scope of services comprises energy analyses, real-time monitoring, data pooling especially via the Internet, analysis and optimization, but also helpful hints concerning renewable energies as well as software for real-time reporting in case of device failures, checks for maintenance scheduling compliance, etc. The company also handles professional waste disposal. The future belongs to the young people. What they learn today will be what they put into practice tomorrow. This is why AMORIS Environment Ltd. together with SOFAP initiated a pilot project for schools at the Collège Lorette de Rose-Hill.
The main topics are waste collection and disposal. The school has 25 classes and 817 school children. First, an environment club was organized with 2 representatives from each class. The most important goal was to create more awareness by offering different projects involving the children such as field trips, going to an exhibition by Yann Arthus Bertrand on World Environment Day, selling cookies and cake as a fundraiser to support environmental activities at school, organizing an exhibition on the topic of saving energy and water, joint waste collection projects, but also more information on recycling plastic, aluminum cans, and paper. Nearly 20,000 plastic bottles were collected. A 3-meter-tall paper collection container funded by sponsors and sporting the Amoris logo was set up in each classroom with a label that said, “Your waste is valuable too. Recycle it!“ The project was a huge success, even if there were some doubts along the way as far as its feasibility were concerned. “We trusted AMORIS and we believe in the power of a good example“, principle Ginette FERNAND said in her concluding speech. She was right: 817 school children are now messengers for a cleaner island of Mauritius.

“We do not own the earth. It was only entrusted to us for a certain time. We must think about tomorrow and what we will be leaving behind for our children.“


Category: Earth