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National Energy Globe Award Mexico (overall winner)

Submitted by: Programa de Ahorro de Energía del Sector Eléctrico - Comisión Federal de Electricidad
Implemented country: Mexico
Title: Efficient Energy Use and Conservation through Bioclimatical Construction

There are by far not enough experts in Mexico to supply knowhow concerning bioclimatical technology and design to the construction business. But instead of complaining about a lack of vision among current architects, José Eduardo decided to collect and process all the existing know-how. He published a guide that offers comprehensive knowledge and solutions. The need for this is obvious: Mexico is an extremely hot and dry country and that is why so much energy is used for air-conditioning -- energy that could be saved by using passive-energy construction systems. The guide contains information concerning the location of Mexican cities, their longitude and latitude, information on historic and climactic conditions such as temperature, humidity, and rain, but also useful information about local construction materials and their characteristics, and analyses of the best bioclimatical construction methods and alignments, along with a catalog of solutions. It also contains a list and description of suitable construction materials, windows, veneer characteristics, insulation, etc. In addition to the guide, the program also offers workshops and participation in studies.
Although construction analysis costs are very high, the application of bioclimatic systems in construction has been well received in Mexico and created a competitive edge in a highly competitive market. 150 building companies have received the guide and 20 per cent of them are applying all this knowledge in new projects. A major break-through was achieved in northern Mexico where several building companies are using the guide, among them the largest national building company by the name of INFONAVIT. However, José Eduardo keeps on working in trying to change the status quo. He would like people to understand that improving construction methods not only makes life more comfortable for the people themselves, but also helps save energy in the long term.
An electrical engineer, José Eduardo is thinking about offering a similar guide for cities with a similar climate outside of Mexico. This is why he is working on an online-version with interactive functions. After all, the desire to have more amenities should not be fulfilled at the expense of the environment but by protecting the environment.

"Educate to save energy."

José Eduardo