National Energy Globe Award United States (overall winner)

Submitted by: City of Lancaster, California
Implemented country: United States
Title: Public and Private Partnerships Will Make Lancaster a Showcase City for Alternative Energy Projects

A typical American household spends more than 1,500 euros on energy, 50 per cent of which go to heating and cooling. Lancaster, California, however, is in a position to offer its 156,633 citizens a special service: 325 sunny days per year, which adds up to 7 KW hours of solar energy per meter and day. The municipal government of the Californian city of Lancaster as well as several public-private partnerships are supporting more affordable green solar-technology among the general public. Building low-energy houses with good insulation, solar panels, LED lights, well-insulated doors and windows use approximately 30 per cent less energy.
The project called Smog-Eating Roofing Tile will improve air quality, while the Solar Lancaster project offers financing for households as well as businesses that would like to switch over to solar energy- self-supply and storage in an affordable way. This is a great step towards the future because solar energy also charges batteries in a garage at 10 kw hours, which can also be used for charging electric cars. Lancaster has an ambitious goal: Becoming the world’s capital in alternative energy use.

"By establishing effective public-private partnerships, cities can emerge as a new force in renewable energy."

Joseph Cabral

Category: Air