Submitted by: HAK-Feldkirchen / Kärnten
Implemented country: Austria
Title: The sun's energy on the trail

The chemical conversion processes of photosynthesis and the
Storage as chemical energy in biomass.
As this energy is re-jett? The oxidation than
Combustion process and the interior of respiration in the cell.
But the solar energy stored in fossil fuels
was discussed in detail and their energy release in the
Combustion engines. It was a trip to the art of e-mobility. Advantages and disadvantages when compared to gasoline and diesel engines. Photovoltaic solar panels and were the subjects for direct use
of solar energy. Sustainability is for the students in the way of development of
Topic: Working independently, carrying out numerous experiments, workshops, company visits and presentations. The period of extensive oak work extended over a semester in
Form of a project. The work was done in the classroom but also outside of class time.

Category: Fire