Regional Energy Globe Award Vorarlberg (Austria) (overall winner)

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Implemented country: Austria
Title: From the old to the plus-energy house

An existing old residential building, built in 1800-1900, was replaced by a new environmental and energy-efficient replacement. It was placed on the following topics specifics Dern value. - The highest energy efficiency (FWHM of 7kWh / m² a.) - Renewable energy sources (firewood boilers) - possible ecological choice of material (straw bale construction with its own wood, flax, clay) - customizable usage (Old accessible, is in several apartment divisible) - positive energy balance in each month of operation and construction (embodied energy of materials used) using a solar thermal system and a photovoltaic system - optimized for the use of alternative means of transportation (bicycle, e-mobility) - adaptable can be used for changing usage needs (for senior citizens and divisible) on the basis of detailed analyzes be shown that under the given boundary conditions, the replacement building, taking into account the energy required to produce the building (embodied energy) to a maximum possible rehabilitation, which is holistically a preferable option.

Category: Earth