Submitted by: Schülerhort Kidsmix
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Climate by Kids

Climate change by Kids
"Climate-by-Kids" is concerned with the process of raising awareness of climate change on children. In the 2009-2010 pilot project, the children were sensitized with different important topics, such as weather, climate change, energy saving, recycling and Abfalitrennung their environment and learned what a playful "climate change" means .. "Climate-by-kids" could achieve significant success, making our school children into small "Abfaliprofis" and "energy saving artists", provided for public interest and was positively received by all sides. In order to maintain sustainability, we are continuing this project and have much integrated into the everyday nursery. A highlight is the concept of waste separation, "The Müllonie ', which is now being implemented in kindergarten and elementary schools in Volders. In the future, this concept are also other educational facilities.