National Energy Globe Award Sweden (overall winner)

Submitted by: EnviroChemie GmbH
Implemented country: Sweden
Title: Energy from Waste-Water and Whey

EnviroChemie, located in the German city of Rossdorf, was founded 35 years ago. The company’s core competence is providing tailored solutions for water and water treatment facilities. EnviroChemie’s key to success is teamwork. From research to sales and engineering – everyone offers great contributions until a project is done. This is how EnviroChemie successful deals with challenges such as the one from northern Sweden, where a large dairy needed an efficient and low-energy treatment of waste water as well as a new system for whey disposal, at the same time generating energy through these processes. Their catalog of requirements was a tough one that kept the EnviroChemie team on their toes for quite a while. The result was a patented process called Biomar Technology.
And this is what the Swedish wish list looked like: 50% less energy for pre-processing, 60 per cent less residual waste. 10 to 50% from purification energy would be needed for production. They also wanted state-of-the-art technology that would require no outside operators. Investment costs were to be no higher than 50% compared to traditional methods. And the size of the facility was to be reduced by 30%. EnviroChemie solved all these problems in an exemplary way. Biomar Technology reduces most of the organic load of the waste water and turns it into energy-rich biogas. In addition, this technology can be used in dairies to turn surplus whey into biogas, which again turned into electrical and/or thermic energy.
This new process reduces CO2-emissions, saves and generates power, and reduces residual waste from production. The system is made from durable materials such as stainless steel and polypropylene and polyethylene. The system’s life cycle is at 20 years. Every single component has an energy-efficient design. Biomar has since been installed in other dairies as well. The big advantage is that it can also be implemented in other areas of the food industry. In sum EnviroChemie has delivered more than 35,000 treatment plants since the company was founded. EnviroChemie has seven production facilities in Germany and Switzerland and 14 sales and customer service offices – a solid company that is in touch with the latest trends and its customers’ needs and a truly future-oriented company.

“Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.”

Jutta Quaiser/ EnviroChemie/ Head of Public Relations

Category: Water