Submitted by: Der Energiedetektiv®
Implemented country: Austria
Title: When the detective sniffs at the workshop - Styrian automotive companies active in climate protection

The Energy Detectives were around 50 car companies to energy losses at the track. The action was held jointly with the Chamber of Commerce. Existing funding opportunities have been exploited optimally. Car repair shops have high savings potential. Lighting, paint and compressed air usually offer surprising potential to be implemented. The advisory action just put on here. Measurements took place at the premises. Thus, e.g. the losses in the compressed air supply determined. The energy-sniffers were found with probes specific way to leaks in the compressed air lines. Total found in this tough economic sector is a potential savings of 1166530 kWh / a. The results of approximately 340,000 kg / yr of CO2 less strain on our climate.

Category: Fire