Submitted by: Stadtwerke Kapfenberg GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: House of the Sun and Sun Park

House of the Sun and the solar park is designed as a model system. There are applications and alternative energy applications, and demonstrated in practice. A monitor displays all production and consumption values ​​in practice. The kindergarten and school children, the customers or interested parties will be demonstrated with concrete examples what is possible and what data are really available. The plan was developed long before Fukushima, after the disaster, the solar house and solar park rapidly gained in topicality. E-service stations, e-Mobility is obviously involved in the initiative, and has already three electric stations (supplied with PV power) built for this year will be followed by others. In the context of sustainable energy, Stadtwerke Kapfenberg assumes of course solar energy or alternative energy recovered waste heat from industrial processes as well as gains and fed them into a district heating network. In addition, of course, current "all-green" are related. We believe these investments and initiatives in this form in Austria, probably hard to find in Europe.

Category: Fire