National Energy Globe Award Indonesia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Department of Engineering Physics, Gadjah Mada University
Implemented country: Indonesia
Title: Clean Water for Rural Indonesian Villages

Many rural Indonesian families have no access to clean water. Especially the dry season causes problems as far as drinking water is concerned. Families have to spend money on expensive water, which often takes up a third of their monthly budget.
Two student groups from the Australian Curtin University of Technology and the Indonesian Gadjah Mada University developed a concept that will help reduce poverty in Indonesia and support sustainable development. For their efforts they received the Mondialogo Engineering Award, an award created by Daimler and UNESCO in 2007.
As part of the project, students went and established access to water in rural villages. For many students this meant confronting themselves with the poverty of their poor fellow countrymen who live with very little infrastructure. The students spent two months in the country and involved themselves in development and construction projects, for example in the Indonesian village of Banyumeneng, where 153 people now have access to clean water. A system was installed by the students that collects rain water during the rainy season and stores the water for use during the three months of dry season. Now, people are independent of water suppliers. This strengthens their independence, improves their health, and supports them in their self-reliance and dignity. The solar- powered system installed by the students causes no emissions because it uses no fossil fuels. Installation of the solar-powered water-pumping systems is accompanied by several programs: System maintenance, social integration, and sustainability.
Ahmad Agus Setiawan, who has written a doctoral dissertation on renewable energy systems, is married with four children. He considers it his most important job to teach his students that there are still many villages in their home country without access to water, and that something can be done about that.

“Care and support our world together.”

Ahmad Agus Setiawan

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