National Energy Globe Award Kenya (overall winner)

Submitted by: World Student Community For Sustainable Development (WSCSD)
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: Sand Filters Help Supply Kenyan Villages with Clean Drinking Water

More than 50 per cent of the Kenyan rural population has no access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. So, volunteers from the universities of Nairobi, Kenya and Regina, Canada decided to work together on a transdisciplinary project aimed at the treatment of drinking water and creating more awareness by providing information on environmental protection, hygiene and the installation and maintenance of biosand filters.
Biosand filters are simple, affordable, and efficient filters for water treatment. They filter 98 per cent of microorganisms out of the water and have a lifecycle of 20 years. They are built from locally available materials and are simple to use and maintain. Their price is at 22.50 euros per item or even less if locals help with assembling them.
62 filters have been installed so far and 220 people have been trained in assembling them. Eight students have donated more than 3,000 dollars in order to provide 72 households with biosand filters and training. More help is needed, however, because more than 700 households in Nyakongo would need a filter and thus get clean drinking water.
Nickson Otieno, a graduate in architecture, enjoys playing soccer and likes to read just about anything on sustainability and development. He is engaged to Kenya’s most beautiful woman and would like to spread knowledge about biofilters in all of Kenya because he believes that clean drinking water is a basic human right for all people.

“Change begins with me and us, not them; and God has given me life to serve those in need of His glory.”

Nickson Otieno

Category: Water