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Submitted by: Gassner & Partner
Implemented country: Austria
Title: WINenergyDOW - The GassnerParapet

During the refurbishment of the house Wissgrillgasse 10 was used throughout Europe for the first time a specially designed window element to passive house standards, including a ventilation system with heat recovery, to break through the structured WITHOUT Fassage. The thermo-technical vulnerability is thus parapet to parapet Gassner, a new energy center.
With the world's GassnerParapet can be incorporated into structured facades ventilation systems for heat recovery without wall damage, and in the course of an exchange window, so regardless of the building facade, or the whole house renovation. The energy figures speak for themselves: Heating demand BEFORE rehabilitation: 185.95 kWh/m2a Heizwärmebdarf AFTER restoration: 34.87 kWh/m2a heating requirements GassnerParapet: 19kWh/m2a CO2 savings with GassnerParapet: 140 tons of 40% ventilation heat loss can be stopped by the GassnerParapet.