Submitted by: HTL Mössingerstraße
Implemented country: Austria
Title: M-BEAM (Magnetic Bearing for Brushless Direct Current Motor in Microgravity)

The vision of M-BEAM, it is a sustainable use of natural resources with a clean Earth's orbit, allowing free space debris, and a maintenance-free operation of satellite (TV, Earth and climate monitoring, GPS ...) to guarantee. The M-BEAM is a maintenance and wear-free electric motor for zero gravity. He used instead of conventional lubrication and ball bearing, a magnetic bearing Innovaties with simple structure. This system is maintenance free and also offers interesting applications on Earth (e-mobility, heart pumps, electric motors and generators, ...). In addition, M-BEAM part of the space program REXUS, which is determined by the ESA (European Space Agency), DLR (German Center for Aerospace) and SNSB (Swedish National Space Board) sponsored.

Category: Youth
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