National Energy Globe Award Serbia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Milinković Company
Implemented country: Serbia
Title: Solar Gyms Keep the Environment in Shape

For 40 years Mladen Milinkovic has been looking for solutions for how to lower energy consumption and optimize the use of solar power. With his solar gyms in Serbia he has recently patented an extremely cost-efficient system that can be used anywhere in the world. Thanks to the characteristics of the hall the building is extremely energy-efficient and offers exceptional microclimate conditions for all indoor activities and shows very low loss of heat to the outside. It also saves energy-intensive construction materials such as cement and steel. The building are very safe and highly durable. They are resistant to fire, earthquakes, and storms. At the same time they are set up quickly and cost-efficiently. Future versions will offer energy independency through solar energy.

Mladen Milinkovic is an engineer who enjoys swimming. He has a son and also loves working for his own company, but he is a bit disappointed that despite the many awards his projects have received in Serbia as well as internationally, he still has to bear the entire costs for research, development, and certification. He offers his solutions at a very affordable price but he has yet to see support from institutions or a really high level of interest in his products. Still, he is looking towards the future with hope because he believes that the search for technological and financial solutions for solar energy is not a matter of choice, but a matter of survival for the entire human race.

“Only simple solutions are the right solutions, but they are difficult to achieve.”

Mladen Milinkovic