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Submitted by: co2online gemeinnützige GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Heating Mirror campaign

The two pillars of the campaign heat mirrors: The annual Nationwide Heating Mirror reproduces benchmark results heating energy consumption and CO2 emissions of residential buildings. With the heating bill in his hand, tenants and owners centrally heated residential building quickly and easily classify your values​​. Free individual Heizgutachten "translate" the heating bill into understandable facts, learn about potential savings - and have encountered the heat-technical modernization of residential buildings. Accompanied by intensive public relations work is funded by the Federal Environment Ministry campaign heating mirror is an extremely efficient instrument of climate protection: The cost per tonne of CO2 pulse amount to 1.65 euros, while conveying each trigger investments of 330 euros. The 40,000 Heizgutachten Heizspiegelkampagne avoid the annual 103 200 tons of CO2.

Category: Fire