National Energy Globe Award Zambia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)
Implemented country: Zambia
Title: Africa Manzi Centre in Zambia

Shauna Curry asked herself what she as a Canadian engineer with certain skills and experience could do to make other people’s life more interesting. She decided to do something related to water because water is the most basic source of life for this planet and all the people who live on it.

The Africa Manzi Centre in Zambia is an innovative approach towards supporting the poor population have better access to water and sanitary facilities. The project was initiated by CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology), whose main objective is to provide self-skills concerning water treatment, and by the WET Centre, an organization that supports other organizations in installing water and sanitary facilities in local communities. The ‘WET Centre’ Model, for which the Africa Manzi Center had a pioneering function, represents a change of paradigm within current development aid efforts.
The Africa Manzi Centre in Zambia provides an innovative approach with training and education at its center. Clean drinking water and sanitary facilities help the poor population in Zambia obtain better living conditions. 40 per cent of the population has no access to clean drinking water, 36 per cent lack sanitary facilities. 75 training sessions with over 1,200 attendees have helped create a heightened awareness as well as provided know-how for how to properly store rain water, use bio-sand filter, use water more resourcefully, and much more. To safeguard water quality, at total of 2,000 water samples are tested per year. In sum, more than 380,000 people now have access to clean water and sanitary facilities. Within the next five years this number will go up even more. By 2020, approximately 20 million people will hopefully have benefitted from this program.

"Be a living example – and by doing so, inspire others to do the same."

Shauna Curry

Category: Water