Submitted by: S.M.E.-Simple My Energy (Ing. Thomas Gomernik, Tomaz Lazar, MMag. Martina Obrietan)
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Simple My Energy - storage system for 100% energy self-sufficient buildings

SME - Simple My Energy offers the possibility of renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind power), all year round and always available to make. PV systems supply an average of 8 months, and around 4 hours per day their maximum performance. The intelligent control system of our own decisions depending on the amount of energy provided by the PV system, how much energy must be stored. The overall system consists of 3 modules: Tank system for hydrogen and oxygen, fuel cells and external tank in the form of a rain water cistern. The complete monitoring of the system and the commercial provision of peak current is up to each individual and can be fed through a virtual network.

Category: Fire
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