Submitted by: "die umweltberatung" - Umweltschutzverein Bürger und Umwelt
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Knowledge to eat

Know to eat the Lower Austrian project on nutrition and climate protection "Knowledge for Food" education portfolio is a practical teaching materials for the classroom of 10-14 year olds. The teacher / get inside the Supporting Information and comprehensive instructions and numerous methods for the ecology-oriented teaching. In training sessions for facilitators will be the topics of nutrition, health, agriculture, origins of food, consumption and sustainability, and provides options for action available to health-conscious and organic food. The project consists of two parts: training session for teachers / educators in HS and AHS with lower school teaching manuals for two ages, worksheet, and the ecological food group. • Workshops for teachers with methodological guidance of the knowledge to eat, such as portfolio ecological footprint, kilometers quiz, etc.

Category: Earth