Submitted by: resoswitch GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Development of an energy-efficient digital electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps external

The development goal was old, to convert to conventional magnetic ballasts, T8 lamps operated on modern energy-efficient T5 high frequency operation without the need to intervene in the old luminaire. This energy savings in the range 40% -52% are possible. Through the development of a digitally controlled Aufsteckvorschaltgerätes and a new optical head mirror reflector, the luminaire efficiency T8 lamp from previously 70 lm / W is increased to about 95 lm / W. This was confirmed at the Light Technology Institute, University of Karlsruhe and in light of the OSRAM laboratory. Our system is the only system on the market, which has passed the VDE ENEC test for electronic ballasts, and is manufactured as a single system under the strict standards for automotive use