National Energy Globe Award Switzerland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Rabtherm AG
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: Waste Water for Energy

Waste water can be so much more than just filthy water. At least that is how the Swiss Rabtherm company sees things and considers it to be a valuable resource. The heat from waste water is one of the last nearly unused main resources in the area of renewable energies. Waste water has an energy potential of possibly up to 20 per cent for our daily heating and cooling needs.
50 per cent of energy is lost by getting rid of waste water.– a great potential that the Swiss are now tapping into. They are so sure of themselves that they had their technology for deriving energy from waste water patented. The idea was conceived by observing steam in the winter disappear into open sewer lines. The difficult part was to find funding for the project. There was no support from the government. Still, the company is optimistic because the return on investment will happen after two to five years. Rabtherm owns the worldwide patent rights and is planning on selling the system in key countries all over the world.
Urs Studer, a graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, will push the project as much as he can. Still, he would really like to see some governmental support. His system is currently being used in Germany, Holland, the USA, and Korea, but Urs would also like to see it implemented in countries such as Austria, Great Britain, China, Russia, and Canada, to name just a few. A father of two sons, Urs Studer is convinced that everyone has three ideas in life that will lead him or her to success. You only have to find them and vehemently pursue them. Gaining energy from waste water must be one of them.

“Spend your day with open eyes and ask questions like a little child; all our developments started with this motto.”

Urs Studer

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