Submitted by: Stefan Gruber
Implemented country: Austria
Title: SHOWER Monitoring

Austria is blessed with vast amounts of precious water. Even though we have today-so developed a greater awareness regarding water use, for example, bathing in the tub now been largely replaced by showers - is still wasting too much water. This is the project "Monitoring SHOWER" to: It consists of a shower head that can be installed in any standard shower, and the logs in the water and energy consumption for heating the water. Exceeding a directional mark is signaled visually and acoustically. There is no need for environmentally harmful batteries, the electrical energy is generated by a small generator from the kinetic energy of the water. This project has started to make the goal easier by handling every user / every user of energy consumption, but also especially aware of the water consumption. It therefore represents a contribution to increased environmental awareness dar.

Category: Water