Submitted by: Biohof ADAMAH - (G. Zoubek Vertriebs KG)
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Organic Food - climate friendly free house

The organic farm-Adamah has been providing 10 years of organic vegetables and organic food by home delivery in the Vienna area. In addition to the ecological management of our agricultural land and the corresponding increase in savings in fossil energy and greenhouse gas emissions, or the absence of synthetic chemical pesticides, we focus on a sustainable energy strategy. Just recently our 3rd Photovoltaic system with the financial participation of our clients completed, so that can be directly produced on the farm with about 53,000 kWh of annual electricity production of the majority of the required electricity. The rest comes from 100% renewable energy. The planned conversion of our home delivery fleet to electric vehicles could continue our organic vegetables nearly carbon neutral from the field to get the budgets of our clients.

Category: Earth