National Energy Globe Award Malawi (overall winner)

Submitted by: SolarAid
Implemented country: Malawi
Title: SunnyMoney Malawi

Kerosene lamps are the normal source of light in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. Most people are used to the disadvantages of such lamps, but more and more people don’t want to use dangerous, toxic and expensive kerosene lamps any more. A new portable solar light system by the name of SunnyMoney is now on the market and its advantages are highly convincing – not only as far as the environment is concerned. People started loving the lamp. Since 2008 there are more than 100,000 users in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. Frank Mwafulirwa has ambitious goals. By 2015 he wants to have one million users and by 2020 he wants each and every kerosene lamp replaced by portable solar lights.
His chances aren’t bad because larger solar systems are already providing power and light for community centers, schools, and hospitals, which helps create even more awareness of SunnyMoney. The project’s aim, however, is not only a higher quality of living but also helping users make money. SunnyMoney is supported through programs and helps franchisees, who are in charge of local sales of the product.
Project director Frank Mwafulirwa is completely motivated to do something meaningful that will also bring about visible changes in other people’s life, such as a more positive attitude towards solar energy and its use. The biggest challenge is the affordability of the lamps and the lacking knowledge concerning energy and resources. A father of three, Frank is always working on spreading the good news about the importance of alternative energies, and bringing clean light to new countries.

"Make an impact to another person’s life in whatever way you can."