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National Energy Globe Award Ireland (overall winner)

Submitted by: FEDARENE
Implemented country: Ireland
Title: Irish Eco Campaigns Saves Entire Region

North Tipperary suddenly became a showcase project when the entire region was outfitted with sustainable energy systems. The rural 600 square kilometer region is home to 12,000 people. 60 per cent of the 6000 buildings were built before 1981. They are poorly insulated and use a lot of power and heating.
In connection with a new SERVE project, 400 buildings were outfitted with sustainable energy systems; an eco-village with 50 new houses was built and 4.5 megawatt biomass heating systems were installed. Also, 1,000 square meters of solar cells were installed and the local population was trained in sustainability. The project was supported and funded by the EU and a program called CONCERTO. 3.5 million euros were invested in SERVE, which should help save 350,000 euros in energy costs. The project will be completed in November of 2012.
Seamus Hoyne, who has a degree in energy management, is the project coordinator. Seamus enjoys hiking, climbing and digging around in his garden. A father of four, he is always busy teaching someone something new, no matter how big or small. He thinks that technical solutions are available for most problems. He also feels that every person ought to be more aware of what he or she is doing. We need to work together to create a sustainable world and society.

“The most important thing is not to panic.”

Seamus Hoyne

Category: Earth