Submitted by: Energie Center Lipizzanerheimat in Kooperation mit LC Kohlenhunt
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy efficient and sustainable Lipizzaner Heimat run

The organizers of the Lipizzaner home run (LHL) have committed themselves in to carry the big event on the criteria of renewable energy and energy efficiency. This is best attempted in all decisions to take on various energy-related factors into consideration in order to consume as few resources and energy as possible. This includes for the first time in addition to avoiding excessive waste of effort to make the event as much as possible energy-efficient and energy independent. So far, the following measures were implemented: use of electricity from renewable energy sources, energy-independent refreshment station at the Polytechnic School (PTS) Köflach, use of reusable utensils, electric vehicles for internal mobility, regional foods, avoidance of electronic music and the proper treatment of waste.

Category: Air