National Energy Globe Award Greece (overall winner)

Submitted by: Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A.
Implemented country: Greece
Title: Green Master Plan Provides Greece with Energy Impetus

Together with his wife and three children, Konstantinos Zapounidis lives in the Greece Prefecture of Pieria: a picturesque area with beautiful sandy beaches located at the Thermaic Gulf and Mount Olympus, the Seat of the Gods in the south. Agriculture and tourism is the main livelihood for the local population. Konstaninos Zapounidis is a civil engineer, energy consultant, lecturer at the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, and he is handling EU-funded projects for Greece with a focus on rural development. His current project bears the impressive name Energy Efficiency for Rural Development. Zapounidis refers to it simply as RURAL …GREEN. His most important objective is modernizing and revitalizing the region’s economy with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. The technical term for this approach is horizontal axis-formation, from central to decentralize. The platform for his work is a development agency by the name of Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A.-O.L.A., funded by the EU and Greece.
Energy efficiency never was a real topic in Pieria. No one had a clue as to where to start, how to start and how people could possibly profit from it. The main task of Pieriki is to inform and convince potential investors from all the important areas of business by presenting them with solid studies, convincing concepts, and available data in workshops geared towards tourism, agriculture, and trades under consideration of the region’s specific needs. Konstantinos Zapounidis’ biggest challenge is applying local regulations in a beneficial way to the entire region. His most important goal is 10 per cent less energy consumption for all new investment projects.

However, this is where Zapounidis‘ expertise comes in. He knows the peculiarities of his home like no other. As an energy expert he is aware of all the weak areas. As a university lecturer he has the power to convince. His models encompass all available cornerstones such as energy consulting, energy management, monitoring and state-of-the-art technology. The climate as well as architectural styles also play a vital role. Konstantinos sees unlimited options for energy savings: Photovoltaics, geothermal energy, better insulation, Smart Cards for hotels, using local and green construction materials, recycling, reducing operating costs through intelligent housing technology, etc. That might raise costs at the beginning but will pay off in the end. Konstantinos Zapounidis is convinced: Professional planning will help you reach your objectives, and he is right. His model is now the basis for all measures taken in the context of the local AXIS 4 program geared towards sustainable tourism, supporting the local infrastructure, and creating more “green” jobs.

“Save to be safe!”

Konstantinos Zapounidis