Submitted by: Industrie- und Handelskammer Nürnberg für Mittelfranken
Implemented country: Germany
Title: European Energy Manager (YOUR) - Training and networking of Nuremberg reduces energy costs and global climate change promoted

The European Energy Manager (YOUR) was developed by the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce as a training and networking products. YOUR is now recognized worldwide as an international qualification in over 20 states. Participants acquire practical training in all relevant knowledge to the Energiean applications within the company to improve technically. From the graduates is a functioning network of "energy-Kümmerern" with measurable results. They provide energy savings in the company. Through indirect effects such as knowledge and technology transfer and climate protection and economic benefit society as a whole. Projects of more than 2,000 energy managers resulted in energy savings of 1.5 million MWh, cost savings of 60 million € / year, CO2 reduction of 400 000 t / a and investments of € 200 million.

Category: Fire