Submitted by: Reinhalteverband Oberpinzgau West
Implemented country: Austria
Title: ARA Bramberg extension and expansion of total energy optimization

The wastewater treatment plant of the RHV Bramberg Oberpinzgau West in recent years expanded to 40,000 inhabitants and in the passive state of the art this was the system optimized total energy. To reduce the amount of sludge and subsequent optimization of the solar sludge drying, and a new Schlarnmfaulung Schlarnmentwässerung was installed. The waste gas is converted into plain and Abwärrrie the engine is used for heating. Abdeclung to the required heat demand in winter Wärmepurnpe is operated with removal from the Käranlagenablauf.
Overall, even without co-substrate transfer to completely cover the heating requirements. a significant proportion of Eigonstromversorgung of approx. And about 50% and a halving of anriähernde for disposal of sludge can be achieved.

Category: Air