Submitted by: OeAD-WohnraumverwaltungsGmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Dormitory Gasgasse in passive design for international students

The OeAD Housing Office strives to enforce the passive construction, as a minimum standard of their students, guests houses. The project Gasgasse Vienna in 1150 is a further step, to create living space with optimal comfort with minimal energy consumption. The residential building is built with quality materials and electronic devices, energy class A + + features. In addition, 25% of current capital requirements of a five-module photovoltaic system generates on the roof. Even with the excellent location of the property from September 2011, international students may be offered at any urban comfort, without having to sacrifice peace and nature. This project reduces the OeAD Housing Office is not only the ecological footprint of the company, but also contributes in addition to the generation of tomorrow to teach the responsible use of energy.

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