National Energy Globe Award Armenia (overall winner)

Submitted by: “Armenian Water and Sewerage” CJSC
Implemented country: Armenia
Title: Clean Water for Armenian Towns and Villages

Clean drinking water is not something that is simply taken for granted in Armenia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union is was necessary to revamp Armenian drinking and waste water supply systems, not only because these systems were completely outdated but also because the water quality was bad and the supply systems itself were poor, and because service and maintenance of the systems created high costs. In order to provide drinking water to the Armenian region of Masis, an extensive project was initiated for rehabilitating and improving the water system with the goal of implementing a modern water supply system and providing a model town as well as 18 neighboring villages totaling 60,000 households with a reliable water supply.
Project costs of 3.6 million became a best-practice model and everyone was happy. Annual power consumption was reduced from 12 million kW/hours to 5 million kW/hours. Water quality was improved and the more efficient supply system helped save 10 million cubic meters of water. At the same time more customers were added to the supply network and supply service time was extended to 22 hours. Also, the system’s reliability was greatly improved, operative maintenance costs were reduced and the life quality of the population living in extreme poverty was increased.
Eduard Chil-Akopyan is very happy with his project. Although it is only a subproject of a series of 40 projects, it is also the financially most efficient project that will provide clean water for the Masis region on a long-term basis. Eduard Chil-Akopyan would not hesitate even for a second to let his own children and family drink this water.

"Be honest, useful to society and make an own impute in improving people's lives."

Eduard Chil-Akopyan

Category: Water