Submitted by: Pro Umwelt GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: LEIHRADL - nextbike

LEIHRADL nextbike, low Östereichs bicycle rental system, is the world's first automated bike rental, which is implemented in suburban areas. After the pilot phase in 2009, the rental system was expanded in 2010 to 163 rental stations and 650 bikes. 2011 increased the lending power to continue on 250 rental locations and 1,000 bikes, which are available in 108 communities at nodes of public transport and bicycles heavily frequented areas around the clock. This can easily and quickly by phone call at a reasonable rate of 1 / h, max. € 5/24 will be hired. The return of the bikes may at any LEIHRADL - made ​​nextbike site. The aim is to promote environmentally friendly and healthy mobility and offer an alternative to cars. This will save emissions and increased awareness for cycling.

Category: Air