Submitted by: Solarwave
Implemented country: Germany
Title: With the energy self-sufficient solar-catamaran around the world

The project "Solar Wave" to Mr. Michael Koler and prove his partner Heike Patzelt, that it is possible and affordable with today's technology, only to walk around with solar energy from photovoltaic cells, the world with a comfortable boat. The Wave is a solar electric catamaran, which is powered by solar panels with energy and completely without sails and without fossil energy manages - for travel by sea as well as for the on-board operations and the kitchen. On 18 December 2009, instead of launching the Rhine in Bonn, on 27 January 2010 was named the Solar Wave at the "boot 2010" in Düsseldorf. Since April 2010, the Solar Wave is on a long journey. From the original goal of circumnavigating the world, so far 5000 km are managed. The Solar Wave is currently crossing the Mediterranean to the Greek Aegean.