Submitted by: Stadt Graz, Straßenbauamt
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Upgrading of traffic signals to LED technology of Graz

Graz All traffic lights have been converted from conventional 75-watt bulbs to light emitting diode (LED) technology with 7 to 17 watts. This resulted in significant energy consumption and operating cost reductions are achieved and the safety of bright signal generator and a lower failure rate can be improved significantly. Energy consumption and costs can average to about 68%, which is 1,200 MWh / year, the maintenance costs are reduced by 80%. The cost of relamping eliminated entirely. The total savings from the conversion to LED is thus 74% (339,000 / year) and also leads to a CO2 reduction of 460 tons / year. The investment costs are financed by means of thermo-profit contracting model of the Graz Energy Agency.

Category: Air