Submitted by: Kompetenzzentrum Althausrenovierung e.V.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: The association of the 80% energy saver

The association of the 80% energy saver - - conducting consultations for home builders and renovators. If a million Austrians would follow this advice, we once again live in a healthy home country of Austria. For all customer conversations were always about saving on heating costs. The renovation of the heating is not the solution to the problem itself. Through honest advice, good planning is accurate and reliable concept implementation can lead to savings of up to 92%. The association of the 80% energy saver has the following advisory services: energy certification of inventory, accurate survey of all building data; thermography of the object with an explanation; blower door test (air tightness) of the object; Energy Performance Certificate New: target energy index below 30 kWh / / year, presentation of results , cost estimates, construction supervision, construction supervision.

Category: Air