Submitted by: HTL Leonding
Implemented country: Austria
Title: MINILED lamp

Very often there is a need to find something in the dark. Possible to always and everywhere a light source available, has been in the era of mechanization generally established for this purpose a small lamp, for example, attached to a keychain. The commercially available lamps have been indeed been mostly an LED, but they need a number of button cells as an energy source, because LEDs have a minimum voltage, higher than the demand supplied by a single button cell. Button cells are optimal due to its small size, but are unfortunately on the hazardous substances in the production environment as well as in the disposal, so any reduction is also a positive contribution to environmental protection. The developed MINILED lamp requires only one button cell instead of several, and also offers the use of modern electronics, the available relatively small amount of power very efficiently into light instead of heat, which in turn causes longer duration of higher luminosity and thus also the consumption of button cells decreases by a marked expansion of the change interval. The luminosity was also enhanced by the use of so-called "high efficiency LEDs." By engraving the name and address, the lamp can also be personalized and are a valuable "media" in the event of a loss of keys.

Category: Air