National Energy Globe Award Portugal (overall winner)

Submitted by: Quercus – Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza
Implemented country: Portugal
Title: Eco-Brigades Calculate Savings Potential for Households and Schools

If you want to inform the general public and schools about energy efficiency, you send the Eco-Brigades who will share their specialized knowledge right then and there. A project was initiated in 18 Portuguese districts that was supposed to create a heightened awareness concerning energy efficiency and sustainability as well as demonstrate savings potentials through reducing CO2 emissions. The Eco-Brigades went to work and 281 households were analyzed in terms of energy utilization habits and how they could be saving more money. 48 public workshops with a grand total of 1,500 attendees demonstrated ways of lowering energy consumption. 21 schools were evaluated in terms of energy savings potentials and more awareness was created. Information activities were held in 17 schools and 290 in order to provide them with more information concerning responsible ways of treating resources.
The project was a great success. Savings potentials for households were calculated at 7.1 per cent and for schools at 8.8 per cent, which corresponds to 395,540 kWh per year.
As far as the workshops and other activities are concerned, 50 per cent of all participants felt that they had been given valuable information; most of them considered participation as helpful and felt that they were provided with new ideas for saving energy.
In sum, 82,750 euros were spent on the project, which means that 225 euros were spent per activity. 367 activities were carried out. For each euro spent, an outcome of 4.4 euros or a profit of 3.4 euros were calculated. In ten years the economic benefit would thus be at 279,660 euros.
As soon as more funding is available, environmental engineer Ana Rita will initiate additional projects.

"Learn how we can live in a better world and transmit that to others. "

Ana Rita Antunes