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Submitted by: Technisches Büro Ing. Bernhard Hammer GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: 15 FWH Ausseerstraße - residence with passive house standard

The existing residential building was built in 1953 and Verfügte on individual ovens in each residence rooms. The goal of the client was to create a residential facility in which the tenant has not only its "own four walls," but also diverse open space and comfort. This combination creates in the form of large balconies and replacement of building services installations with separate heating unit a unique living environment for tenants. With innovative concepts developed and use of available natural resources was a passive house buildings are constructed with a total of 15 residential units. The Consulting Engineer Bernhard Hammer GmbH in the course of this project was to plan the whole house, energy, and geothermal energy collectors and specialists responsible supervision.

Category: Earth