National Energy Globe Award Austria

Submitted by: KWB - Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: KWB Pellet Easyfire with cleanEfficiency ®

The new KWB Pellet Easyfire with cleanEfficiency ® makes it simple and clean heating. The simplicity results partly from the plug-in module design: lightweight and compact components can be easily introduced, quickly assembled and put into operation (plug & play). On the other hand, the heating due to the integrated return temperature raising with variable volume flow of any existing hydraulic system is simple - to connect - without planning and without additional installation costs. The cleanliness of the combustion is obtained by the patented and perfected underfeed firing system with a large fuel plate for a peaceful and stress-free combustion without falling ash. An integrated dust separator with cyclone effect reduces emissions to a minimum (only 5 mg/m3 dust).

Category: Fire