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National Energy Globe Award Haiti (overall winner)

Submitted by: Haitian Community Development Project Inc.
Implemented country: Haiti
Title: The Sun Delivers: Power and Clean Water for Haiti

Carline Seide-Murphy is from Haiti and lives in New York. She is natural scientist, an expert for social policies and theater, and has put her entire life in the service of others. Carline has a holistic approach to life that she has been able to express as an actress, radio talk-show host, deacon in the Presbyterian Church and founder and coordinator of the Haitian Community Development Project (HCDP). The impetus for her current initiative was provided through a media report on contaminated drinking water in Haiti. Quick relief measures were prevented by red tape, but after the 2010 earthquake Haiti sank into complete chaos. There were many deaths and injuries, no power, no water, looting sprees, poverty, mountains of garbage, disease and epidemics. This disaster encouraged Carline to find new ways of purifying water, creating solar power sources and removing waste.
But first things had to come first. After the earthquake many people couldn’t afford water. However, there was more than enough rain water that was collected and filtered. HCDP preventatively distributed BRITA water filters to homes and schools and showed people how to use them. After the outbreak of cholera people knew what to do them. The next step was to provide electricity for emergencies by using solar power. Together with SOLAQUA Power & Art, HCDP revamped an old container building and equipped it with solar panels, inverters and batteries. The building was used as a communications center for emergencies. Cell phones were charged, it was a refuge during flooding, and movies and sports events were shown on TV. The container building still exists today. “The solar panels weren’t stolen,” Carline is happy to say.
Today she is active in pushing solar energy in Haiti. Small, mobile solar home systems were developed that are capable of providing enough power for smaller devices and replacing diesel generators. Currently, an 1800-watt battery system is under development. It is the heart of a solar oven-container that pasteurizes water (cholera!) but can also be used for cooking. 2000 of these miracle boxes will be assembled and brought to Haiti. Total costs: Approximately 30,000 US$. Fundraising is every bit as difficult as is finding volunteers. This is why Carline Seide-Murphy attaches great importance to training and creating more awareness. HDCP teaches solar technology, waste management, and how to boost the local economy. The pioneer work done by HCDP is truly exemplary: There are more and more solar street lights, solar cell phone charging stations, and more plastic waste is being collected recycled. What she wants to teach people more than anything else is: We can’t be casual about destroying our environment because this could endanger our existence on this planet.

"Thriving to Make A Difference.”

Carline Seide-Murphy

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