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Submitted by: Umwelt-Bildungs-Zentrum Steiermark
Implemented country: Austria
Title: CSI: Styria - Climate Safety Investigation

The theme of "Climate and Climate Change" is an extremely complex, the understanding of many prior knowledge of physics, biology, geography, economics and other fields requires. For this reason, the current treatment of this theme for the upper circle is ideal. In addition, senior pupils are on the verge of adulthood with all its capabilities (eg driving license, travel, consumption) but also responsibilities (role models for future generations, acting responsibly in all areas of life, ...). However, for high schools offer few or no educational materials or project days to respond to the needs of high school types. For this reason, the UBZ has develops climate projections for the high school days, in the context of those principles on climate through energy-and CO2-saving potential in schools through a number of modules taken. As a final project, each school will, under the title "CSI: Styria - Climate Safety Investigation" by a school check to identify energy-and climate sins - on behalf of "climate security". The results will be presented in the form of a photo story and presented to the Directorate.

Category: Youth