Submitted by: RV Wolfgangsee-Ischl
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Clean water without external power

In the wastewater treatment plant of the Pollution Control Association Wolfgangsee Ischl Bad Ischl are 22 years of the sewage Wolfgangseegemeinden St. Gilgen, St. Wolfgang and cleaned, and the town of Bad Ischl. After all, these are the daily sewage of 43,000 inhabitants. Now is the best operating team in addition to the sewage treatment and increasing the energy efficiency of the system and the complete self-sufficiency in energy from the sewage treatment plant resulting in the intention and goal. In recent years, great efforts have been made to reduce energy consumption continuously. In 2009, a year of operation, specific fuel consumption was only 17.5 kWh / inhabitant and year value (usually 20 - 50) achieved. Since 2010, the sewage treatment plant is energy self-sufficient, ie Electricity and heat production from the Klärgasproduktion cover 106% of demand.

Category: Water