National Energy Globe Award Tajikistan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan
Implemented country: Tajikistan
Title: Bio-sand Waterfilters

In the rural area of Kumsangir, bio-sand water filters are now providing a sustainable improvement of drinking water quality. Health education and protection of water as a valuable resource are also helping to improve the drinking water situation in the region and communities are monitoring the efficient use and distribution of water. Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan has been providing the following services:
1) Four drinking-water wells in the district of Kumsangir have been built that now provide drinking water for 1,600 people.
2) An additional 200 families have access to clean and safe drinking water by using bio-sand water filters (1 filter per family). This has also resulted in better health for these families.
3) More than 600 residents have been offered more general information about water, health, and hygiene.
4) Not even 15 months later, the affected areas showed an 80 per cent reduction in water-transmitted diseases.
5) A financing model will provide funds for future well-building and bio-sand water-filter projects.
In Tajikistan, only 59 per cent of the population has access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. Because of simple installation and maintenance, these projects can be implemented in the entire country and provide an effective improvement of the quality of living for the entire population.

Category: Water