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Submitted by: Stadtwerke Mainz AG & Republic of Rwanda
Implemented country: Rwanda
Title: Solar System " Kigali Solaire"

The idea to construct a photovoltaic power plant to support energy production in Rwanda was born in 2004 when a German-Rwandan delegation visited Mount Jali. The project started with the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the MININFRA, Stadtwerke Mainz AG, the City of Kigali and Electrogaz in July 2006. The transformer station could be constructed that comprehends a 400 kW transformer (15/30 kV) to switch the incoming current to level of medium tension as exists in the grid of Electrogaz as well as the switch gear. These 250 kW shall be the first phase of solar power production. It is planned to extend the plant to 1 MW. Kigali Solaire will set a Milestone in solar power production as up to this point there is no other installation of comparable size known of in Africa!

Category: Fire