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Submitted by: Klima- und Umweltschutz AG der Friedrich-v. Bodelschwingh Schulen
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Climate Week Bielefeld

The second Bielefeld Climate Week, organized by the Friedrich-v. Bodelschwingh School, presents the climatic and environmental treasure AG of school a week with film-air films that dealt with the issue of climate change, renewable energies and alternative mobility concepts. Launched the week by a panel discussion with
Personalities from business, public life and members of various climate change organizations. In the following days will be shown each evening at the school a climate film with a professional introduction by students and expert lectures. For this commitment in connection with the organization of the 1st Green film premiere for the film "The 4th Revolution - Energy Autonomy "was given the climate and environmental protection-AG Friedrich von Bodelschwingh schools by the Federal Ministry of Environment and CO2 Online advertised price" energy saving champion Gold 2010 "as the best school project in Germany.

Category: Youth