Submitted by: Energieagentur Ing. Walter Baierl, Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik/Energietechnik
Implemented country: Austria
Title: "Kids meet Energy ®"

The Energy Training Project has been implemented since the academic year 2006/07 to compulsory education from the third grade of primary school. After class concept of Graduate Päd. Ing Walter Baierl of Baierl Energy Agency Engineer, Engineering Services for Electrical / Power Engineering, Weiz / Austria, is training to become certified "Energy Meier cleverness" in three modules. The young people learn in many practical experiments the eco-friendly and economical use of energy. To view the results in the experiments nor the young people to a better understanding of the savings in kilowatt hours and € in the currency of all energy converted clever Meier: "EKE", what does the abbreviation for Eiskugeleinheiten. The young people are appointed by the certificate "energy Meier cleverness." Until now, youngsters can enjoy over 2637 already this appointment.

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