Submitted by: Christ Mission to the World
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: Community water and sanitation in the County of Aweil South in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Southern Sudan (drilling of community water borehole projects)

It was established that there is need to build 10 boreholes, 10 pit latrines and 100 tree nurseries in the area to empower women.
The project is foreseen that it will have cross cutting impact on the socio-economy and environment of the beneficiaries. It is expected to save the time spent and difficulties encountered while fetching water and firewood. This will be used to improve their economic activities, which is mainly farming. The project will also diversify the beneficiary diet through the introduced vegetable gardens. This will result into improved health, which will also be enhanced by the increased availability of clean water and use of latrines.

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