National Energy Globe Award Brazil (overall winner)

Submitted by: Horizont3000
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Convivencia - live in harmony with the environment

Cooperation of IRPAA-HORIZONT3000 for a customized life in semi-arid Brazil: The Brazilian non-governmental organization IRPAA has significantly contributed to the semi-arid Brazil is no longer seen as a disaster area, but which at the time revolutionary paradigm of "Convivencia" gained wide recognition has. Thousands of multipliers have been trained and techniques (further) developed, but also carried out EU co-funded regional development projects that helped shape education in the regions of influence. Many years of project staff in key functions supported HORIZONT3000 IRPAA work. The key element is the use of rainwater. Chinese programs have been adapted in Brazil and made known, which include be implemented in the program "1 Million Cisterns". IRPAA experiences were inter alia in Nicaragua, Haiti, etc. are presented and simulated.

Category: Water