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World Energy Globe Award (Water)
National Energy Globe Award Nicaragua (overall winner)

Submitted by: Asociación Fénix
Implemented country: Nicaragua
Title: Rural Electrification using renewable energy

Green Empowerment partnered with Asofenix a Nicaraguan NGO to construct three solar water pumps in rural Nicaragua between 2004-2007, bringing water to the homes of 960 people who previously had to haul buckets long distances. This project dramatically improves health and well being with environmentally sound alternative energy. These projects catalyzed community efforts to construct latrines, home gardens, build biogas digesters, showers and hand-washing stations. Each village organized to self-manage the systems, collect a tariff to maintain them, and elect a technician to operate the systems. Green Empowerment has ambitious plans for 2008 for more regional projects throughout rural Nicaragua.

Category: Water