Submitted by: Recycle Organization of Mashhad Municipality of Iran
Implemented country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Title: Recycling Industries

One of the ways to reduce the volume of burial waste is recycling them.
Recycling is a part of waste management chain. Today the waste produce in cities of Iran, contains 70 % of organic materials which can be convert in to compost. It also contains 18 % recyclable materials including plastics, papers and card boards, glass, and metal. it also contain12 % of materials which has heating and fuel values.
Today 18 % of waste produced in Mashhad is recyclable. Therefore building and exploitation of recycling industries in recycling organization of Mashhad municipality accomplished.
This project has 5 sub-projects including: plastic recycling, paper and cardboard recycling, PET recycling, tires recycling.

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